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Is your company ready to dramatically improve employee engagement and create an innovative culture that’s built to succeed?

Build and lead an organization that fosters:  

  • Improved employee engagement and retention

  • Highly empowered teams that communicate effectively, collaborate freely and bring an innovative approach to their work every day

  • A meaningful and intentional company culture where work is experienced as rewarding and purposeful

Proven Improved Employee Satisfaction for ic3 consulting clients:

  • Higher levels of open communication and accountability

  • Reduced stress levels

  • Better collaboration

  • Greater sense of shared goals and vision

  • Reduced friction between teams

  • Improved productivity, sales and profits

  • Attraction and retention of talent

“Retaining the human element in a more virtual world will be a prerequisite for future success.” ~ PricewaterhouseCoopers — 20th Annual Global CEO Survey (2017)

Corporate Retreats

Jen and Dayna’s multifaceted backgrounds and experience make them uniquely qualified to help you master the human side of doing business.

Each holds Masters and Specialist Degrees in Counselor Education, and teach and consult from a wide knowledge base in human dynamics, personality types, the creative arts, and systems theory. 

Dayna and Jen are experts in innovation, empathy, applicable brain science, mindfulness, and creativity — all keys to helping you differentiate your business.

As skilled presenters, Jen and Dayna are well-versed in facilitating and managing large groups. And, as practiced diagnosticians and psychotherapists, we can quickly identify problem areas and opportunities for growth.

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