Our Story

It’s 2004. We were both attending the University of Florida, fulfilling Master’s and Specialist degrees in counseling, and learning myriad skills around human dynamics, relationships, personality types, creativity, and systems.

That summer, we went to Spain together to attend a four-week Spanish language and Flamenco dance intensive. While there, we traveled around the country as much as we could, and over several long bus trips, we discovered that we had similar dreams and visions for the future. We both wanted to teach business managers and employees the strategies and techniques we were learning in grad school. We knew how valuable it would be fJen & Dayna Spain 2004or businesses to adopt, develop and use those skills with their employees and customers – and with their own families and communities. We started to sketch out a plan, and the seeds for ic3 consulting were planted.

Once we finished up our degrees, our paths diverged for a while landing Dayna mostly in New York City and Jen mostly in Boston. We spent the next several years gaining valuable experience both in the business world and in our private counseling and psychotherapy practices.

A decade later, we’ve come back together to make our dream a reality. We’ve channeled all of our business, psychotherapy and counseling experience into ic3 consulting: the go-to resource for companies who are eager to create highly empowered teams, improve employee engagement, and create an intentional company culture where work is experienced as rewarding and purposeful.

To learn more about how we can help your organization thrive, visit our Solutions page, or contact us at info@ic3consulting.com.