Employee Engagement Solutions

51% of employees are not engaged, while 16% of employees are actively disengaged, destroying what the most engaged employees build. ~ Jim Clifton, Chairman, and CEO of Gallup (2017)


  • All-Company Retreats —

    Powerful, interactive, informative, engaging and transformative retreat. Results in engaged, aligned, team-based and empowered professional staff ready to work towards the company mission and vision. 

  • Ongoing Training and Workshops 

    Interactive onsite workshops for the entire team based on specifically identified topics. Topics include but are not limited to organizational alignment, work/life balance, rewards & challenges, strengths and goals, innovation team training. 

  • C-Suite Services

Coaching and support for the CEO to address core human dynamics that are preventing your team from achieving breakthrough performance. 

Accountability follow-ups with your leadership team to ensure the momentum and lessons are supported and maintained.

C-Suite Retreats, where leadership can recharge as well as work through any obstacles.


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Retreats and Intensives Flowcharts

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All-Company Retreats

C-Suite Services

The Results You Can Expect

Post engagement results, as measured by targeted surveys and management testimonials:

  • Improved attraction and retention of highly skilled talent

  • Engaged employees that feel a sense of joy and purpose in contributing to your company

  • Increased awareness of strengths and “hidden gifts” of employees within the company

  • Improved employee satisfaction as demonstrated by higher levels of open communication and accountability,  employees “feeling heard”, and reduced stress levels

  • Stimulate an innovative and creative environment that differentiates you from the competition

  • Increased revenue

  • Fewer HR complaints

  • Reduced “friction” between teams with improved sales and productivity

  • Building the next generation of managers

  • Improved collaboration between staff and management,  and a greater sense of “shared goals and vision”

77% of CEOs are concerned that key skills shortages could impair their company’s growth. And they say it’s the soft skills like creativity and emotional intelligence, they value most and are the hardest to find. ~ PwC-20th Annual Global CEO Survey (2017)

“We’ve had about 5 company retreats over the last 12 years, and this was the best of all of them! Some retreat leaders simply do team building exercises, while other leaders just talk about organizational dynamics, but Jen and Dayna covered it all in remarkable fashion. The pace moved along quickly, all the different exercises were excellent, and all efforts built up to a powerful transformation for our company. We are a completely cohesive and united company now, and it feels great to work here. Thanks Jen and Dayna! You guys rock!” ~ Andrew Lutts, Founder & C.E.O of Net Atlantic, Salem, MA

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